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ICSIA, which stands for International Campus for Sustainable and Innovative Africa has been launched in 2015. The ICSIA project is a selective group of elite institutions and business schools brought together under a common vision and shared values.

The choice of these institutions resonates with their national and international recognition, their field of expertise as well as their pedagogical approaches and methodologies.

ICSIA lies on core values which we believe are the driving forces behind the setting up of such a hub:


Offer different programmes each within a field of expertise.


Deliver an engaging service to the community at large.


Tap into new opportunities and technologies to improve sustainably.


Provide the best education in both English and French to reach a larger audience.


Bring distinguished education and world-class standard to the many.


Build academic programmes with a strong connection with industry needs.'

The main objectives behind this ambitious project are to:

  • Provide world-class, yet affordable tertiary education to talented students in Mauritius.
  •  Attract African and Asian students to place higher education as a new economic pillar.
  •  Build and nurture a talented workforce on the local market.
  •  Offer foreign students the right environment and skills to help them contribute to their own country’s economic growth.
  •  Be instrumental in the success of Mauritian Higher Education by leveraging on highly-reputed institutions and hence slow down the brain drain.


Institutions in operation 


Institutions in the pipeline

A vision for a knowledge hub in Mauritius

The ICSIA project falls under a broader vision of working towards building a knowledge hub geared towards excellence and talent building to meet tomorrow’s challenges. This vision has been thoroughly thought by the Medine Group in 2012 when it launched the Medine Education Village on its 9-hectare campus at Pierrefonds.

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