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The Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Engineering programme from Ecole Centrale de Nantes is delivered over four years, including 1 year in Nantes and offers extended knowledge of mathematics and physics and the basics of project management and business. You can choose a minor in your fourth year from civil, industrial or ocean engineering.

The programme is designed to attract the best and brightest students and prepare them in 4 years to act as graduate professionals in the various fields of engineering who will succeed in a variety of environments; to compete in the global marketplace; and to confidently understand, use, and develop cutting-edge technology.

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Engineering
Next intake
October 19
7,000 euros per year


Ecole Centrale de Nantes aims at training highly qualified, agile and innovative engineers who will be able to tackle future complex challenges. Its difference and added value lies in:

Strong industrial network

Delivers an industry-aligned multidisciplinary education through collaboration with enterprises.

Developing soft and multicultural skills

Navigate smoothly through numerous situations and develop linguistic skills.


Research units possess experimental equipment unique in their fields, hydrodynamics, fluid mechanics etc. r

International recognition of its degree

An internationally recognised degree to ensure mobility and employability of its graduates.

Strong alumni of 13,000

Join the 13,000 alumni of Ecole Centrale de Nantes and develop a powerful and visible network.

  • Our BSc (Hons) in Engineering is open to the most qualified and brightest students. It will be offered to those who are interested in being full-time, degree-seeking students.
    Qualifying for Ecole Centrale Nantes requires having certain prerequisites:

    • Solid scientific background
    • Higher School Certificate in hand
    • Grade A results in Maths & Physics as main subjects
    • Highly motivated

    To register as Engineer at the Council of Registered Professional Engineers of Mauritius(CRPE), you need to follow a Masters level either in Mauritius or in France.

  • Year 1

    Modules Hours
    Thermodynamics 35
    Solid mechanics 35
    From atom to molecule and beyond 35
    Molecular transformations 35
    Analysis and Linear Algebra 175
    Introduction to algorithms and programming 35
    Dynamics and vibrations 35
    Communication 35
    French 60
    English 60
    Sports 60
    Internship 1  



    Year 2

    Modules Hours
    Electromagnetism 35
    Optics 35
    Analysis and Numerical Analysis 70
    Probability 35
    Signals and systems 35
    Automatic control 35
    Introduction to databases and information systems 35
    Continuum mechanics & Strength of Materials 70
    Mechanical engineering design 35
    Engineering Project Management 35
    French 60
    English 60
    Sports 60
    Internship 2  



    Year 3

    Modules Hours
    Modern Physics & Heat Transfer 70
    Quantum and statistical physics 35
    Fundamentals of Mass Transfer-Analytical chemistry 35
    Optimization 35
    Statistics 35
    Electrical engineering 35
    Object-oriented programming 35
    Fluid Mechanics 35
    Introduction to Material Science 35
    Manufacturing technology 35
    Corporate Finance 35
    French 60
    English 60
    Sports 60