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Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas


Get prepared for a career in law with the LL.B. programme. This 3-year programme focuses on core business, international legal issues and will provide an in-depth view of key legal subjects. It embeds both the civil law and the common law to match the local legal framework and will prepare you for the legal career you choose.

The LL.B. program prepares students with all necessary skills to apply to Bar schools* (in some cases with one additional year for legal reasons) or to enter legal departments of international companies.

*Master 1 is required to be eligible to sit for CVLE examinations in Mauritius.

Bachelor in Laws (LL.B.) Bachelor in Laws (LL.B.) Bachelor in Laws (LL.B.)
Next intake
October 18
6000 euros per year


Universite Paris II Pantheon-Assas bundles a mix of theoretical and practical systems to provide you with the best approach and content across the duration of your programme, with these objectives in mind:

  • Develop problem-solving skills to face complex environments
  • Improve training
  • Learn from exposure and experiences

Foreign language acquisitions

Seminars in foreign languages will be organised with a specific evaluation.


Involvement of all students in practices for better application

Moot Courts

Hands-on experience and learning through court trials simulations


Compulsory sports activities over 90 hours as part of the syllabus

Humanities and general knowledge

Pluridisciplinary conferences related to general culture subjects or humanities: history, geopolitics, key trends

  • You can only apply once per academic year. An application will be considered final when the following steps are complete.

    1. Submission of application form online and required documents sent to Pierrefonds campus.
    2. Eligible candidates go through a personal admission interview to measure their aptitudes and motivation for the programme.
  • Year 1

    Modules Hours
    Historical foundations of legal and political Systems in the World 30
    Legal sources and reasoning (+ 15 hours of practicals) 30
    French Civil Law (Family Law and personal law) + 15 hours of practicals 30
    Mauritius Civil Law (+ 15 hours of practicals) 30
    Comparative Constitutional Law 30
    Constitutional French Law 30
    Political Science 30
    International affairs (+ 15 hours of practicals) 30
    English Legal System (Historical perspective) 30
    Economic current issues 30
    Methodology and Humanities 75
    Foreign Language 36



    Year 2

    Modules Hours
    Contract Law (+ 15 hours of practicals) 30
    Tort Law (+ 15 hours of practicals) 30
    Criminal Law and Procedure (+ 15 hours of practicals) 30
    Property Law (movables ; immovables IP/IT) 30
    Company Law and business organizations 30
    International Trade Law (+ 15 hours of practicals) 30
    Foundations of Administrative Law 30
    Economic Public Law (Optional with LL.B -11) 30
    Taxation and Customs Law 30
    Law, justice and development (Jurisprudence / Philosophy of Law) 30
    International and regional organizations as legal actors (Optional with LL.B 08) 30
    Methodology and Humanities 80
    Foreign Language 36



    Year 3

    Modules Hours
    Labour Law 30
    Judicial process mooting and debating 30
    Secured transactions (+15 hours of practicals) 30
    Insolvency Law 30
    International Arbitration (+15 hours of practicals) 30
    International Financing and Banking 30
    International Financing and Banking 30
    Litigation with Public bodies (+15 hours of practicals) 30
    International Public Law 30
    European Union material Law (Optional with LL.B -11) 30
    European Union material Law (Optional with LL.B -11) 30
    Moot Courts and Humanities 80
    Foreign Language 36



    • Master in Laws (LL.M)

      Master in Laws (LL.M)

      Boost your knowledge in law and legal subjects or touch base with the legal world by enrolling in our LL.M. International Business Law. Either way you will learn about competition law, arbitration, business law and environmental law amongst others, and get some deep knowledge and hands-on experience with Université Paris II Pantheon-Assas.