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ICSIA Scholarship - Eligibility


You believe you have the prerequisites but you lack financial support. We have the right financial solution to guide you through your studies. We are offering 20 scholarships, 10 each for both our LL.B from Université Pantheon-Assas and our Bachelor of Engineering for Ecole Centrale de Nantes. 


To be eligible to scholarships under the ICSIA project, you need to avail yourself of the following:

  • Grade A results
  • Strong personality
  • Good communication skills



ICSIA scholarship program is a merit-based financial aid. Our scholarships are awarded based strictly on the student’s high school academic record and his parents’ annual revenues.


For pursuing studies in the above classes, the scholarship is paid for each academic year.

Conditions for eligibility:

  • Students must have an overall ‘A’ average (main subjects), with A in scientific subjects
  • Students from OBC (Other Backward Class) category whose family income from all sources is up to Rs 30,000 per month.*

 Application Procedure

Through the school

  •  Applications forms are available with the concerned department of ICSIA office
  • Completed application forms should to be submitted to the school, which sends it along with information required to the concerned department before the indicated date. (N.B : Only fully completed and signed application forms will be considered)

 Disqualifications clauses

  •  Failure to clear annual examinations, except in case of unavoidable reasons
  • Violation of school discipline or any other condition of the scholarship
  • In case of a student availing benefits of any other scholarship
  • Irregular attendance
  • Failure to meet all commitments signed in the agreement with the company and the institution 

Please note that your application will also be evaluated on your:

  •  Individual determination to succeed
  •  Future goals and plans to achieve them
  • Self-motivation in completing challenging coursework 

* Family income is only one of several factors involved. Other important factors include the number of household members, the number of siblings (or certain other household members) attending educational institutions as undergraduates, and the financial assets of both student and parents.


If your application is successful and you are offered an ICISIA Scholarship, you will be asked to sign a declaration which confirms that you understand and agree to certain conditions before accepting the scholarship. Some of these conditions are listed below.

In accepting, you will be asked to: 

  • Agree to make every effort to achieve satisfactory academic progress in your studies in accordance with the continuation criteria set by the Education Institution;
  • Agree to work for the company ‘sponsor’ if the company requires this commitment and if the company offers a job opportunity to the student) at least equal to the length of your studies, otherwise, you will have to reimburse the scholarship received totally or prorata temporis the remaining time of his/her remaining obligations. All the scholarships do not include that constraint.
  • Agree to meet all commitments signed in the ‘Scholarship Agreement’


I confirm and I declare that:

1. I am not aware of any medical, personal or other circumstances (e.g. disability, illness, family or financial matters), which might prevent me from completing my study within the scholarship term;

2. I agree to the release of information in this application form and information relating to the scholarship or study to the institution;

3. I understand that the law of the Republic of Mauritius will apply to any agreement between myself and the Republic of Mauritius Government; 

I declare that the information provided about and by me in this application for an ICSIA Scholarship award is true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge. I acknowledge that supplying false or misleading information is a serious offence and will result in a withdrawing a scholarship, if offered.